Holidays and the Seasons are very special at The Things I Love. Take a look at what we offer!

  • New Year – Gold and silver and everything you need for a party.
  • Valentine's Day – The shop is filled with hearts and flowers!
  • Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day – If you need something to decorate your home, we have many unique items to fit the bill.
  • Easter – Soon the bunnies come hopping up Center Street, right into The Things I Love. The owner loves bunnies, so the shop is filled with bunnies, eggs, and spring flowers.
  • Memorial Day through Labor Day – It is patriotism all the way, with a little beach thrown in.
  • Autumn – Colors turn to rusts and golds. We offer many unique pumpkins, handmade florals, garlands, wreaths, and tabletop items.
  • The best is saved for Christmas! Each year, twenty trees are themed and decorated with all the trimmings. People come from all over to enjoy the Wonderland created at The Things I Love.

The Things I Love enjoys throwing a party and there are plenty of events throughout the year, beginning with our Valentine's Day Open House, and continuing monthly with our Christmas Open House (the first Sunday in December), with food and live entertainment. Come join us!

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