About Us

From Humble Beginnings

The Things I Love was established in 1997 when the owner, Joanne Wunderly, drove by a tiny storefront on Battle Street in Old Town Manassas with a "For Lease" sign posted in the front window. Despite the appearance of the rugged building, Joanne fell in love and saw great potential for the 125 year old storefront.

After weighting the pros and cons for several weeks, She decided to sign a one-year lease. She and her husband immediately began working on this space and making her own vision come true. The doors opened on September 21, 1997.

Within three years, Joanne was able to take advantage of vacant space left behind by previous residence and expand. Business was progressing successfully until lease complications led Joanne to pack up and move the shop.  Searching for a new establishment had proven to be quite the challenge as available space was scarce.

After looking for a more visible location, she settled with a large red storefront in the Old Conner Opera House at 9084/9086 Center Street. On December 1st, 2010, Joanne opened up shop where it still stands today.